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i keep having weird dreams!

like last nite..i was still in school
and to graduate..u had to eat worms
and i couldnt do it
and everyone and anyone yelled at me
and then i was like "fine ill do it"
and then i watched everyone else do it
and then i proceeded to puke the second sumone i knew put a worm in their mouth...

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mmm vomiting dreams. fun. haha
oh god it seemed SO real..like i half expected a pile of puke to be beside me when i woke up
haha, that'd just make it all the better.
its insane!! not that u care but a couple days ago i had a dream..and i was crying massively in it for sum really stupidddd reason..and when i woke up my face was all wet and my eyes were watering..so the vomit wouldnt have been too much of a shocker
that's the subconscious for ya.. and hey, at four a.m., i'll care about anything due to boredom, haha.